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last updated April 10, 2020

Our senior pastor, Harry Long, will be retiring in the summer of 2020 after serving his flock faithfully and lovingly for many, many years. We are so grateful to him and his entire family for being faithful and obedient to God’s calling to serve this congregation. We have been blessed in so many ways. As a consequence of Harry’s decision to retire, we are now in the process of looking for a new senior pastor. A pastor search committee was formed in April 2019 that has been meeting regularly for prayer, for time in the Word and for addressing the tasks needed to accomplish the search of a new senior pastor. In this space we would like to share with you our Mission and Vision statements, some of the Scriptures we have read and discussed together as a committee, some of our prayer requests, and finally a high-level summary of our tasks and progress against these tasks. It is our hope and prayer that God be glorified through this process!

To seek and call a new senior pastor to Sycamore Presbyterian Church.

That through our prayers and the work and power of the Holy Spirit, the CONGREGATION would experience great spiritual growth through the process and outcome of our pastor search and that a deep sense of awe would come upon every soul involved in this process (Acts 2:43a).

That through our prayers and actions for and with each other and the Church at-large, the COMMITTEE members would be ‘contagious’ Christians of the committee’s guiding pillars of unity, humility, servanthood and patience in order to better serve and love the Church, Christ’s bride.

And that God grant us, the COMMITTEE members, the discernment, through our pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, to know and call God’s man of choice as our new Senior Pastor.

PSC Prayer Requests

For the month of May, the PSC asks that you please be praying:

1)     That the committee be resting and trusting in God’s sovereignty through all this uncertainty and that He continues to guide them in all their decisions and actions.

2)     In thanksgiving for His faithfulness and guidance thus far – for inclining His ear to us and keeping his hand upon us.  

3)     That the congregation would continue to prepare their hearts for the transition and be trusting God with the outcome.

4)     For all of Sycamore’s staff as they deal with all the changes brought on by the Coronavirus and the leadership transition that will take place soon.

5)     That during these times of uncertainty and change, many in our community would desire to visit Sycamore whenever it is again possible to gather for worship; that they may hear and receive the good news of the gospel and understand the reason for the hope that we have as God’s people.


What have we done so far?

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