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Baby Beginnings: Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Loved Zacchaeus (See Luke 19:1-6)

“Jesus loves us.” (See Revelation 1:5.)


Activities with Babies (about 0-9 months)

  • Music:
    • Swing and Sing
      • Collect: Music on phone/CD player
      • Do: Play “Jesus Loves Me” while holding your baby in your arms. Rock your baby in a swinging motion while the music plays. If your baby is older, hold them with your hands around his or her waist. Bend over and gently swing your child between your legs in time to the music. After several swings, stop and hold your baby in your arms. If your baby has enjoyed the swinging motion, they will often indicate pleasure by wiggling or making happy sounds. Repeat the swinging activity several more times.
      • Say: We’re glad Jesus loves us. And I’m glad that God gave me you! Isaac, Jesus loves you. Jesus loves our whole family.
    • Jesus Loves You
      • Collect: Music on phone/CD player; Picture of Jesus
      • Do: Show your baby a picture of Jesus. Play and sing along with “Jesus Loves Me,” replacing the word “me” in the song with your child’s name. Then, sound out the rhythm of the song by tapping your toe, clapping your hands, or by making clicking noises with your tongue.
      • Say: I’m so glad I can sing with you, Marcus. I like to be with you. Jesus loves you and so do I.
Activities with Toddlers (about 9 -18 months)
  • Art Play:
    • Who Does Jesus Love?
      • Collect: Sheet of paper for your child; Marker; Jumbo crayons
      • Do: While your child is watching, print his or her name on the sheet of paper while you ask, “Who does Jesus love?” Say your child’s name and point to it. If your child is interested, he or she may color on the paper.
      • Say: There’s your name! Jesus loves you. We’re glad that Jesus loves us!
    • Color the Tree
      • Collect: Bible Story Picture of Zacchaeus in tree with Jesus; Large sheet of paper; Brown and green jumbo crayons; Tape
      • Do: On the paper, draw a simple outline of a large tree. Show and talk about the Bible Story Picture. Let your child color the tree using brown and green crayons. Tape the tree onto a wall at your child’s eye level.
      • Say: The Bible tells us about a man who climbed a tree. His name was Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus. Jesus loved him. We can color this tree with our green and brown crayons. I see that you are coloring with the green crayon. Jesus loves you, too.
  • God’s Wonders:
    • Measure Me!
      • Collect: Length of butcher paper; Tape; Measuring stick; Crayon
      • Do: Tape paper to wall in an area where your child can stand. Ask your child to stand with his or her back against the paper. Make a mark on the paper to show how tall your child is. Write your child’s name near the mark.
      • Say: Let’s see how tall you are. I’m glad we can play today. Jesus loves you. The Bible tells us that Jesus loves us! Thank You, Jesus, for Your love.
    • Leaf Display
      • Collect: Bible Story Picture; Several real or artificial leaves of varying sizes and shapes; Sturdy paper plate or tray
      • Do: Show and talk about the Bible Story Picture. Place leaves on plate or tray. Let your child look at and handle the leaves.
      • Say: The Bible tells us about a man named Zacchaeus. He climbed a tree so he could see Jesus. Jesus loved Zacchaeus. Jesus loves us, too. Let’s look at these leaves. Here is a long narrow leaf. Here is a wide leaf.
      • Tip: If using real leaves, use only with adult supervision. Store items out of your child’s reach.
Activities with Children (about 18 – 36 months)
  • Art and Sensory Play
    • Photo Frame
      • Collect: Photo of child; White cardboard cut 1-inch (2.5-cm) larger than photo on all sides, one per child; Marker; Glue; Items to decorate frame (ie. heart-shaped rubber stamps and washable red ink pad)
      • Do: Print the words “Jesus Loves Me” at the top of the frame. Help your child attach the photo to frame with glue. Child decorates frame with stamps or whatever your chose.
      • Say: These words say, “Jesus Loves Me.” Who is in this picture? Jesus loves YOU, Libby. Jesus loves each person in our home. Thank You, Jesus, for loving us.
    • Leaf Collage
      • Collect: Bible Story Picture (above); Green construction paper cut into leaf shapes (optional – real leaves); Large paper plates; Glue sticks (optional – white glue)
      • Do: Show and talk about the Bible Story Picture. Help your child spread glue onto a paper plate. Encourage your child to glue leaves on plate any way he or she wishes. (Optional: Let your child look at and touch real leaves. Talk about the similarities and differences. Your child can use white glue to attach leaves to plates.)
      • Say: Look at this picture of a tree. The Bible tells us about a man named Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus climbed a tree to see Jesus. Jesus loved Zacchaeus. Jesus loves you, too! Leaves grow on trees. You can glue some leaves onto this plate.
    • Drawing to Music
      • Collect: Music on phone/CD player about Jesus; Drawing paper; Jumbo crayons
      • Do: Play “Jesus Loves Me.” Let your child draw on paper while listening to music. Sing along with sons as you become familiar with them.
      • Say: This song is about Jesus. I like to sing about Jesus! Jesus loves children and Jesus loves you!
    • My Own Handprint
      • Collect: 9×12-inch (23×30.5-cm) sheet of white construction paper; Jumbo crayons; Stickers
      • Do: Draw around each hand of your child on a sheet of paper. Print “Jesus Loves (your child’s name)” on paper. Your child can color their hands and add stickers as decorations.
      • Bonus Idea: Help your child remove their socks and shoes. Trace around each of their feet.
      • Say: Virginia, this is your hand. Jesus loves you. Jesus loves everyone!
Chapters 3- 6: Edmund & Turkish Delight
Scripture Reference: John 8:31b-32
Lesson 2 Outline:

A. Summarize Chapters 1 & 2 (from yesterday’s email).
B. Read chapters 3 – 6 of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe or the Chapters Summary
C. Travel Log: Find the Word
D. Interactive Activity: M&M Relay
E. A visit with the Professor: Truth or Deception
F. Bible Verse Game: Eraser Game
Verse: “If you hold my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31b-32 (Bold print designates modified verse for K – 2nd grade)
G. Discussion

Parent Prayer:
“Dear Lord, thank you for allowing me the privilege of teaching my children! Today we will learn how easy it is to be deceived by those who do not love You. Please help me to show my children that Your Word is the only truth they need. Help me to show them where they can turn for the true answers to all of their questions.”

A package of M&M’s

Craft Idea:
Instructions: Purchase inexpensive cups. Give each child a cup and markers. Have them make a drawing of their choice on it. When finished, let them show each other their cup and explain their picture. Serve something warm to drink, like cider.

Application: When the White Witch stopped Edmund, she gave him something warm to drink.


2B. Edmund and Turkish Delight: Chapters 3 – 6 Summary

Lucy was beside herself with excitement when she got back to the wardrobe! Much to her surprise, her brothers and sister did not believe her! They thought she was just hiding for a few minutes and she knew she had been in Narnia for hours. When they accused Lucy of deliberately telling a lie, she became very sad and was miserable for several days. It was even worse when Edmund took pleasure in teasing her about finding other strange countries in the cupboards.

It was not long before there was another rainy day. The children decided to play hide-and-seek. Lucy made her way to the old wooden wardrobe in the spare bedroom, but this time Edmund followed her. He wanted to tease her again about the imaginary country, but when he entered the wardrobe he found himself alone in the cold, dark woods of Narnia. As luck would have it, he met the Queen of Narnia, the White Witch herself. When she realizes he is a human boy, a Son of Adam, she pretended to be his friend and gave him enchanted candy and drink. The candy was Turkish Delight and once it is tasted, there is a need to eat more and more of it. Edmund tells the wicked Queen about Lucy’s visit and the Faun who helped her. He also told her about his brother and sister. She sent him back home through the wardrobe with instructions to bring them all back with him. When he returned to Narnia with the others, she would give them all Turkish Delight and they would all live in her palace as royalty.

Edmund reluctantly returns to the wardrobe and the Old Professor’s house. Lucy was so happy to find someone who believed her story because he was there, but when they caught up with their older siblings, Edmund betrayed her and said the whole story was still a figment of her imagination.

Now Peter and Susan were really worried about Lucy’s state of mind so they decided to talk to the Old Professor. They were completely surprised when he asked them how they knew their sister’s story was not true. He told them that other worlds have a time of their own so what may seem like minutes in our time can certainly be hours. He pointed out that a charge of lying against someone whom you have always found truthful is a very serious thing.

Finally a day came that would convince Peter and Susan once and for all who was telling the truth, Lucy or Edmund. Some visitors came to the old historic house for a tour and all four children were told to stay out of the way. They decided to play upstairs, and when they heard the visitors coming up, the children hid in the old wardrobe. Instantly they found themselves in the dark woods of Narnia. When Edmund directs them to the lamp-post, Peter and Susan realize that he had, in fact, been there before. Their reprimand puts him into a sullen mood as it is no fun to be caught in a lie.

Lucy wanted to introduce everyone to her friend, Mr. Tumnus, but when the reached his small house he was gone. They found a note left by Queen’s secret police that indicated that he had been take to the Queen’s castle to await trial for his part in helping Lucy escape. Instead of returning home through the wardrobe, the children agreed to try and rescue the faun. With no idea where to find the castle, they asked a beautiful, bright, red-breasted robin for guidance. She set out leading the way flying from tree to tree.

2C. Travel Log: Find the Word

Instructions: Find the key word for today by answering the following questions and filling in the blanks.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

1. He wouldn’t believe that Lucy had been to Narnia.
2. He surprised Peter and Susan by suggesting Lucy’s story could be true.
3. She stuck to her story about visiting Narnia even when it was difficult and no one believed her.
4. He planned to kidnap Lucy by changed his mind.
5. She tempted Edmund with Turkish Delight.

Key Word: 
Answer 1, letter 3
Answer 2, letter 2
Answer 3, letter 2
Answer 4, letter 3
Answer 5, letter 2

___ ___ ___ ___ ___


2 D. Interactive Activity: M&M Relay

Supplies: 1 bag of M&M’s

Game Set-Up: Put a table at the far end of a room (or outside.) Cover it with a long row of paper towels. On the paper towels, pout out the bag of M&M’s and spread them out.


  1. Divide into two teams or just race for time as one team. Line the team(s) up behind a starting line.
  2. Instead of saying “go”, the leader calls out an M&M color. The first player in each team runs to the table, picks up that color M&M, and returns to his/her team to tag the next player in line. (Yes, they can eat the M&M when they get back in line.)
  3. The second player runs to the table, picks up the same color M&M, and tags the next player on the team.
  4. Repeat #3 until all players have completed the relay.
  5. The team that completes the relay first wins that round.
  6. Repeat #2 – #5 until all of the M&M colors have been called out.

2E. A Visit with the Professor: Truth or Deception

Good day! I trust you enjoyed the M&M relay! Now I know how good M&M’s are, but can you imagine how good the Turkish Delight must have tasted to Edmund? Can you imagine putting the very best candy in the whole wide world in your mouth and be able to eat a whole candy jar full of it? I think that old wicked Queen knew just how to tempt a young boy, don’t you? Let’s look together at who this Queen represents. Let’s also try to understand who Edmund reminds us of and why the candy was used to deceive him. We will also explore why Lucy’s brothers and sister could not see Narnia when they first looked into the wardrobe.

The Queen of Narnia is also knows as the White Witch. She represents the evil which has taken control of Narnia. She has declared herself the Queen even though she is not the true ruler of the land. At this point in our story she has the ability to cast her evil spell, make Narnia “always winter” and turn the good creatures of the land into stone statues. She, as Satan, has the ability to look into a person’s heart, determine their weakness, and use it to get her way.

Edmund reminds us of those who are curious about Christianity, but they are looking at it for what they can get out of it. They are easily manipulated because they are often greedy. They do not recognize the truth. We will learn more about Edmund’s journey later.

Now why, you might ask, did Lucy’s two brothers and sister not see Narnia? As with Christianity, “those who do not believe, do not see.” Peter, Susan, and Edmund did not believe Lucy when she told them about going to a new land through the wardrobe. Remember she told them that she had been there for hours, yet she was gone from their game for only a few minutes. It was very easy for them to say she was making it all up for she was the youngest and was probably missing their parents and their home more than the other children. Just as Lucy’s siblings did not believe, the first time we share our new faith with an unbeliever they do not believe and think us silly. They do not see the truth.


2F. Bible Verse Game: Eraser Game

Supplies: Large paper/white board to write on; Marker (& eraser, if needed)

Game Set-Up: Write the Bible verse on the paper or white board.


  1. Explain the meaning of the verse.
  2. Ask your child(ren) to stand and say it three times.
  3. Pick one  child to erase (or mark out) one word of the verse, then have all the kids say the verse again saying the missing word.
  4. Continue picking one of your kids to erase a word until the entire verse is erased.
Verse: If you hold my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. John 8:31b-32
*Bold print designates modified verse for K- 2nd grade.


2G. Discussion Questions

  1. How did the Wicked Witch deceive (trick) Edmund?
  2. How can someone deceive you or one of your friends?
  3. What can you do to prevent from being deceived?