More Activities with Your Kiddos

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Baby Beginnings Activities

Babies: About age 0 – 9 months

  • Pictures and Books
    • Jesus and the Children
      • Collect: Sturdy book that pictures Jesus and children
      • Do: Show the book to your baby while holding him or her on your lap. Point to Jesus and say His name. Describe the children pictured in the book.
      • Say: Here is a picture of Jesus. Jesus loves children. I see a little girl and a little boy in this book. Jesus loves girls. Jesus loves boys. Easton, Jesus loves you!
    • The Bible Tells Me So
      • Collect: Sturdy children’s Bible
      • Do: Show the Bible to your child and talk about Jesus’ love the your child. Turn the pages of the Bible for your child to see the pictures and words.
      • Say: This book is called a Bible. The Bible tells us that Jesus loves us. Jesus loves you. (Optional: Sing the words of “Jesus Loves Me” while looking at the Bible together.) Thank You, Jesus, for loving us.
      • Tip: Use your child’s name frequently during your conversation.

Toddlers: About age 9 – 18 months

  • Music
    • Jump and Clap!
      • Collect: Music from phone/CD player
      • Do: Play a song about Jesus’ love, jumping and clapping according to the song.Talk about Jesus’ love.
      • Say: Let’s sing a song about Jesus’ love. We’ll jump and clap in our song! Anna-Clarence, can you jump with me? Can you clap? We’re happy to know that Jesus loves us!
      • Tip: Toddlers are likely to bend and then straighten their knees when you ask them to jump. That’s OK; they will enjoy the music and the effort of trying to jump.
    • “Jesus Loves Me” Motions
      • Do: Sing “Jesus Loves Me” to your child, replacing the word “me” with your child’s name. Use simple motions for words of this song. If the song and motions are repeated often enough, your child may soon join in on one or more motions.
      • Say: Jesus loves all the children. Jesus loves you. Jesus loves your brother/sister’s name. Jesus loves cousin’s name. Every day, no matter where we are, we can remember that Jesus loves us.
  • Pictures and Books
    • Where’s Jesus?
      • Collect: Sturdy book with pictures of Jesus
      • Do: Bring a book with pictures of Jesus and sit near your child. Before opening the book, say, “Where’s the picture of Jesus? Let’s see if we can find a picture of Jesus.” As you or your child turn the pages, point to each picture of Jesus. Say, “There is Jesus! We found His picture!”
      • Say: Look, there is Jesus! Jesus loves you. Jesus loves children. At home and at church we learn that Jesus loves us.
    • My Jesus Book
      • Collect: Several sheets of construction paper; Several pictures of Jesus (find online and print out); Clear Con-Tact paper pieces cut slightly larger than the pictures
      • Do: Fold each sheet of paper in half to make a book. Place pictures of Jesus inside the book and attach by covering pictures with Con-Tact paper. Repeat, making several books (if you wish.) Let your child look at their book. Talk about Jesus’ love.
      • Say: Here is a book. Can you open the book? Look! You found a picture of Jesus. Jesus loves you. Thank You, Jesus for loving (child’s name.)

Kids: About age 18 – 36 months

  • God’s Wonders
    • Tree Walk
      • Collect: Bible Story Picture (from above); Bag or basket; Real or artificial leaves
      • Do: Briefly tell the story of Zacchaeus. Encourage your child to touch and explore the leaves. Let your child put leaves into and out of the bag or basket
      • Say: You are picking up the leaves in our room. Leaves grow on trees. The Bible tells us about a man named Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus climbed a tree so that he could see Jesus. Jesus loved Zacchaeus. Jesus loves you. Thank You, Jesus, for Your love.
      • Bonus Idea: If weather permits, sit on a blanket by a tree in an enclosed play area and read the story of Zacchaeus.
    • Texture Play
      • Collect: Variety of items that feel different (hard block, soft pillow, smooth fabric, feather, tissue paper, etc.)
      • Do: Let your child touch, play with and arrange the items you collected. Talk about how each item feels.
      • Say: You are touching the soft pillow. We’re having fun touching all these things. I’m glad to see you today. I love you, and Jesus loves you, too! I’m glad that Jesus loves us.
    • Colors All Around
      • Collect: Variety of toys with different colors
      • Do: As your child plays with toys, talk about the colors of the toys.
      • Say: You are playing with the red ball. Your eyes can see so many colors. Jesus loves you. Do you see something blue? You are playing with the blue truck. Jesus loves you.
    • What’s That Sound?
      • Collect: Toys and/or object that can be rhythm instruments that make sounds
      • Do: Set out the toys and/or rhythm instruments for children to explore. Describe the sounds that each toy or instrument makes. Repeat the words “Jesus love you” as you play an instrument.
      • Say: Listen to the sound this bell makes. Can you hear it? It’s a loud bell. You are playing the shaker. It’s a soft sound. Jesus loves you!
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Chapters 7 – 9: Beavers & the Witch
Scripture Reference: Philippians 2:10-11
Lesson 3 Outline:
A. Summarize Chapters 1 – 6
B. Read Chapters 7 – 9 of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe or the Chapters Summary
C. Interactive Activity: What’s That Smell?
D. A visit with the Professor: Needs vs. Wants
E. Travel Log: Wants vs Needs
F. Bible Memory Game: Building Block Beavers
Verse: “At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, …and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” Philippians 2:10-11
G. Discussion


  • Create “What’s That Smell?” Cards (1 per person playing)
  • Building Block cards
  • Different household items that have strong smells…good and bad
  • Corrugated Building Blocks
Snack Idea:

Bread with Butter
* Serve during A Visit with the Professor

Instructions: Use a simple recipe for making bread or purchase a ready made loaf. Head the bread until it is warm. Serve with butter.

Application: When the four children got to the Beavers house, Mrs. Beaver served warm bread and butter with fish and potatoes.

Parent’s Prayer:
“Dear Lord…Just saying those words causes me to be in awe of You. Your names…Lord, Father, Master, Savior, Redeemer, Prince of Peace…each mean something special to me. When I need guidance, I call You Lord. When I need reassurance, I call you Prince of Peace. When I feel joyful for all You have done for me, You are Savior. Each name helps me to express my feelings for You. Each is comforting. Thank you for being my Lord, my Father, my Savior and my FRIEND.”

3B: Beavers and the Witch
Chapters 7 – 9 Summary
The robin led them deeper and deeper into the woods, then she suddenly disappeared. Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy did not know what to do. Then they saw a movement in the forest. It was a beaver and it was waving a handkerchief at them, motioning them to follow him. The handkerchief was the one that Lucy had given to the Faun when he had been crying in his home when she first met him! When Mr. Beaver stopped, he told them that the Faun had left a message before he was arrested. He asked the Beaver to look after the children and to be their guide to a special place to meet Aslan.

At the mention of Aslan’s name, with no idea just exactly who Aslan was, each child had a curious reaction. Edmund felt terrified, Peter felt brave and adventurous, Susan felt as if some delicious smell or beautiful music had just floated by her, and Lucy got the feeling you have when it’s the beginning of a vacation or summer.

Mr. Beaver quickly led the children through the forest, past the Beaver’s Dam (which was frozen in ice), to the Beavers’ home for food and rest. Mr. Beaver told them that Mr. Tumnus, the Faun, had been taken to the Queen’s castle and was probably turned into a stone statue. That is what happened to all who had been taken there for no one had ever been known to escape from the White Witch. Of course, the children wanted to rescue Mr. Tumnus, but Mr. Beaver told them Aslan the Lion, King of the Wood and son of the Great Emperor-beyond-the-Sea, will be the one to take care of the White Witch and end the evil time according to ancient prophesy. He went on to say that this prophesy also says there are four thrones at Cair Paravel. When two Sons of Adam and two Daughters of Eve sit on those four thrones, then it will not only be the end of the White Witch’s reign but of her life.

All of a sudden, as Mr. Beaver was telling this story, they all noticed Edmund was missing! Mr. Beaver figured out that he had betrayed them by going to the White Witch’s castle. Now she would know that the two Sons of Adam and the two Daughters of Eve were in Narnia and that Aslan was coming! If Edmund had only stayed longer he would have known that this knowledge could mean the death of his brother and sisters!

Mr. and Mrs. Beaver and the three children quickly packed their belongings for they knew they were no longer safe at the Beavers’ house. Mr. Beaver said they needed to leave immediately to meet Aslan at the Stone Table. Meanwhile, Edmund had arrived at the Queen’s castle looking for more Turkish Delight and thinking about himself as a King. Instead of Turkish Delight, he was greeted by a very angry Witch because he had arrived alone and brought news that Aslan was near.


3C. Interactive Activity: What’s That Smell?
  • Approximately 8 household items that have a strong smell. Make some of these smells good and some bad. Suggestions – sliced lemons, dirty socks, strong spices
  • Bags to put the items in
  • What’s That Smell? sheet of paper and pencil for each player (example below)
Activity Set-Up:
  • Put the “smelly” items into bags. Number each bag: #1, #2, etc.
  • Create a sheet of paper for each player
  1. Instruct the players to sit in a circle. Give each a piece of paper and a pencil.
  2. Hand out the “smelly” bags to players spaced evenly around the circle. INSTRUCT THE KIDS TO NOT SAY WHAT THEY THINK THE ITEM IS!
  3. Tell the players holding the bags to open them with their eyes closed. Instruct them to WRITE DOWN what they think the item is on their paper beside the number that corresponds to the number on the bag they are holding.
  4. When they are finished with that bag, have the players hand the bag to the player sitting on their left.
  5. Repeat #3 and #4 until all players have smelled all of the bags.
  6. The player with the most correct guesses wins.
What’s That Smell?


3D. A Visit with the Professor: Wants vs Needs
  • Basket of small sandwiches cut in squares or triangles
Hello! It is so good to see all of you again! No, I did not bring you any smelly socks to sniff. But I did bring you small sandwiches to eat so we can have our own little picnic as I tell you the importance of today’s story.

Notice that in these chapters all four children have entered Narnia Through the Wardrobe. They now all believe there is such a place as Narnia and they are curious about this land. Their curiosity has certainly been sparked by Lucy’s unwavering belief. When the children meet Mr. Beaver, they are headed towards the wicked Queen’s castle to rescue Mr. Tumnus. But Mr. Beaver was sent to lead the children to Aslan, the true King of Narnia. You see, even though the children’s motives were good – to save Mr. Tumnus – they were unprepared. The Beavers knew the only way that Mr. Tumnus could be saved was with Aslan’s help. In this case the children WANTED to rescue Mr. Tumnus, but the NEEDED to be prepared. Just as the children were unprepared to take on the evil Witch, new believers are unprepared to take on Satan and his deceptive ways. It is only when we meet Jesus and ask for His help that the evil force is overcome!

Let’s look at the different story characters now and see if we have a clearer view of their nature. One way we can determine their true heart is to look at their reaction to hearing the name “Aslan.” Lucy clearly demonstrates her uncompromising love for Aslan for she felt joyous as if she was expecting something wonderful to happen. Susan, too, shows a pure heart for she felt as if a delicious smell or delightful music had just floated by her. Peter felt “brave and adventurous.” Edmund was the only one who reacted in a negative way. He felt a “sensation of mysterious horror.” While the other children were focused on helping Lucy’s friend, Edmund was focused on getting more Turkish Delight and having superiority over his siblings. Whenever we have done something wrong, or are about to, we often want to hide from Jesus. We often will have a sick feeling in the pit of our stomach.


3E: Travel Log: Wants vs Needs
  • Review the meaning of the words NEED and WANT. Ask your kids to give you some examples of each. Get at least five examples of each. After an example is given, have the kids tell you WHY it is a NEED or a WANT. Instruct your kids to draw 3 WANTS and 3 NEEDS.
A NEED is something that is necessary for life.
A WANT is something we would like to have, but we could live without.

Wants vs Needs

Draw 3 WANTS                     Draw 3 NEEDS


3F. Bible Memory Game: Building Block Beavers 


  • 10 Corrugated Building Bocks (or blocks or boxes) for each team
  • 1 Sheet of Building Block Verse for each team
  • 1 Sheet of individual Verse Cards for each team
* Note: Use different color papers for each team’s Building Block Verse and Verse Cards, if you do teams

Game Set-Up:

  • Create a Building Block Verse for each team
  • Create an individual Verse Card for each team
  • Tape the individual verse cards to the corrugated Building Blocks
  • Pile the Building Blocks across the room from the starting line
  • Put the Building Block Verse next to each pile
  1. Divide into 2 or more teams. Line them up facing their pile of Building Blocks.
  2. On “GO” the first player on each team runs the Building Block pile and stacks the blocks in the order shown below. * You can use the Building Block Verse sheet as a guide.
  3. When the blocks are stacked, the player funs back to his team and tags the next player in line.
  4. Continue the relay until all players have stacked the blocks.
  5. The team that completes the relay first wins.
At the name
of Jesus         every knee
shall bow      and        every tongue
confess that          Jesus Christ       is Lord.      Phil. 2:10-11

3G. Discussion Questions

  1. How did Lucy’s WANTS differ from her NEEDS?
  2. How did Edmund’s WANTS differ from his NEEDS?
  3. Describe one of your “WANTS vs NEEDS” pictures to your family.