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Baby Beginnings Activities: Jesus Loves Me

Babies (About 0 – 9 months)

  • Quiet Play
    • Slowly, Slowly
      • Collect: Soft blanket, washable stuffed animal, baby toy
      • Do: Gently and slowly move your finger from your baby’s shoulder down to his or her hand. Describe your actions. Then use another object (blanket, stuffed animal or toy) to touch the baby. If the baby seems interested in what you are doing, repeat the activity, this time moving your finger quickly and using the word “quickly” to describe your actions.
      • Say: I am going to touch slowly, slowly touch you on your arm. Can you feel my finger? I like to play with you. Jesus loves you and I do, too.
    • What’s Out There?
      • Collect: Toy that makes a sound, moves or lights up when touched
      • Do: Set your baby on a blanket on the floor. Place a toy where your child can see it, but cannot reach it without moving slightly. While your baby is watching you, move the toy. Wait to see if your baby tries to grasp the toy. If your baby is interested, but can’t reach it yet, move it close enough for your baby to reach.
      • Say: Molly, I can see that you like this light-up toy. I love to play with you. Jesus loves you, Molly. I love you, too!
Toddlers (About 9 – 18 months)
  • Pretend Play
    • Night and Day
      • Collect: Two or more dolls; Two or more blankets
      • Do: Give your child a doll to hold. Hold a doll yourself. Pretend to put your doll to sleep by wrapping the doll with a blanket. Then pretend to wake up the doll. Talk about the things the doll is going to eat and drink.
      • Say: It’s time to put our dolls to bed. They are sleepy. We go to bed when we’re sleepy, too. Jesus loves you all the time.
    • Pack Up a Bag
      • Collect: Large bag (with handles, if possible); variety of small toys
      • Do: Set the bag on the floor. Invite your child to pack up the bag with several toys from the room. Describe the toys as your child puts them in the bag. Ask your child to tell where he or she would like to go with the toys. When your child tires of putting toys in the bag, he or she will have just as much fun taking out the items.
      • Say: I see you’ve put a blue car in the bag. And now you’re putting the blocks in the bag. Where should we take our bag? Should we take it to the backyard so we can play? Jesus loves us when we’re outside. Jesus loves us wherever we go.
    • Everywhere I Go
      • Collect: Toys that represent one or two different locations (house, farm, etc.); Toy people (too large to swallow) and toy cars
      • Do: Arrange location toys several feet from each other. Your child can move the people from place to place.
      • Say: Let’s pretend we’re going to the farm. Let’s move our people to the farm. Jesus loves us when we’re at a farm. Jesus loves us everywhere we go. Would you like to put the little boy in the car? Jesus loves you when you are riding in the car. Jesus loves you everywhere you go. Thank You, Jesus, for loving us.
  • Quiet Play
    • I See Someone Jesus Loves
      • Do: While sitting near your child, describe your child and then say your child’s name. You can also have them guess their siblings if they’re in the room or your spouse.
      • Say: I see someone Jesus loves. It’s a girl wearing a red shirt. Who is it? That’s right! Jesus loves you. Let’s find out who else Jesus loves. I see someone with giraffes on his shirt. Who is it? That’s right! Jesus loves your baby brother. I’m glad Jesus loves us.
      • Tip: Children love to hear their names over and over again. Use their name frequently in you conversation, and play simple name games such as I See Someone Jesus Loves.
Kids (About 18 – 36 months)
  • Music
    • Jesus Loves Me
      • Do: Sing the refrain of “Jesus Loves Me” at teachable moments (while playing with your child, while looking at pictures of Jesus, while going for a walk, etc.):
      • Say: I’m glad Jesus loves me! He loves you, too! Let’s sing about Jesus’ love for us.
                                                Yes, Jesus loves me.
Yes, Jesus loves me.

                                                Yes, Jesus loves me.
                                                The Bible tells me so.

Bonus Idea: Substitute your child’s name for the word “me” in the song.

  • Music cont.
    • Rhythm Sticks
      • Collect: Music from phone/CD player about Jesus’ love; Pair of rhythm sticks (or other rhythm instrument, or item you can use as a rhythm instrument)
      • Do: Play “Jesus Loves Me” or other music. Give your child a set of sticks. Show your child how to tap rhythm sticks together safely. Play music and demonstrate starting and stopping when the music starts and stops. Periodically stop the music and remind your child to stop tapping the sticks together.
      • Say: This song is about Jesus. Jesus loves us. Jesus loves us at church. Jesus loves us when we’re at home, too. Jesus always loves us.
    • Let’s Pretend
      • Collect: Music from phone/CD player
      • Do: Play “A Happy Place” or other music and invite your child to pretend to swim, fly like a bird, jump like a frog, etc.
      • Say: Let’s pretend we’re swimming in the water. We’re having fun at home today. At home we learn that Jesus loves us. Jesus loves everyone. Jesus loves (name of your child and everyone in your family.)
    • Clapping Jesus’ Love
      • Collect: Bible Story Picture (above); Music from phone/CD player, that tells of Jesus’ love
      • Do: Show and talk about the Bible Story Picture. Play “Jesus Loves Us All.” Invite your child to clap with the music.
      • Say: The Bible tells us about a man named Zacchaeus. This picture shows us how he climbed a tree to see Jesus. Jesus loved Zacchaeus. Jesus loves us! I’m glad Jesus loves us. Let’s sing a song about Jesus. Can you clap like this?
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Chapters 10-11: Spring and Aslan
Scripture Reference: 1 Corinthians 12:4-5
Lesson 4 Outline:
A. Interactive Activity: Team Crossword Puzzle
B. Summarize Chapters 1-9
C. Read Chapters 10-11 of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe or the Chapters Summary
D. A Visit with the Professor: God’s Gifts
E. Travel Log: You’re Gifted
F. Bible Memory Games: Gifts
Verse: “There are different kinds of gifts, but the same spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.” 1 Corinthians 12:4-5
* Bold print designates modified verse for grades K-2nd
G. Discussion Questions


  • Craft:
    • Square of material or cloth napkin (1 per child)
    • Markers
    • Paint
    • Wet-wipes (or close to sink)
  • “Gift” Snack Ingredients:
    • Plain cupcakes
    • Frosting
    • Sprinkles
    • Napkins
    • Cups
    • Water
Craft Idea:
  • Thumbprint Flowers
    • Instructions:
      • Give your children each a square of material or cloth napkin. Have them draw straight lines in one or more corners of the cloth to represent flower stems. Have them press their thumb into damp paint and press it several times around the top of each stem to make a flower.
    • Application:
      • When Aslan returned to Narnia, Spring returned!
Parent’s Prayer:
“Dear Lord, I thank You for making all of your children unique. As we look at some of the gifts given to the children in our story, use me to help these children you have blessed me with to identify their special gifts from You. May they be respectful as they discover the differences and the things that make them like their brothers and sisters.”
4A: Interactive Activity: Team Crossword Puzzle
  • Supplies:
    • Crossword puzzle for each team
      • There are two different crossword puzzles…one for Grades K-2nd and one for Grades 3rd-6th.
    • Pens or Pencils
  • Activity Set-Up:
    • Put one crossword puzzle on each table for teams to work on together.
  • Instructions:
    • As kids enter the room, assign them to the crossword teams.
    • Instruct kids that they can use anything they want to find the answers.
    • Each team to complete the puzzle wins.
Team Crossword Puzzle
Grades K-2nd
Instructions: Put the following words in the puzzle below. (We put in one letter to help you get started!)


___ ___ ___ ___ ___
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
_A_ ___ ___ ___ ___
___         ___


Team Crossword Puzzle
Grades 3rd-6th
5 The animals who were the children’s guides to Aslan
6 The true King of Narnia
7 Where the children were to meet Aslan
10 The first to enter Narnia through the wardrobe
11 Where the four thrones were
13 Mr. Tumnus was a _________
14 Lucy’s older sister
15 The Lion, the Witch and the _______________

1 The candy given to Edmund by the Wicked Queen
2 The Faun’s last name
3 The country Lucy found through the wardrobe
4 The queen of Narnia
8 The owner of the house the children were visiting
9 The brother that betrayed his brother and sisters
12 The oldest brother

___    2___                                3 ___
4___        ___      ___                   5___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
___        ___      ___                                   ___
___        ___      ___     6___ ___ ___ ___ ___
___        ___      ___          8                       ___                 9
___        ___    7___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
___        ___                     ___                                          ___
___        ___                     ___                                          ___
___        ___        12         ___                               10___ ___ ___ ___
11___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___             ___
___        ___        ___        ___                                         ___
___        ___    13___ ___ ___ ___
___        ___        ___
___    14___ ___ ___ ___ ___

15___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


4C: Spring and Aslan
Chapters 10-11 Summary
Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, Peter, Susan, and Lucy prepared to travel on foot by moonlight across the back side of the Dam where the White Queen could not travel by sled. They just had to find Aslan and the Stone Table before she found them! It was a long, cold journey and after many hours they found a dry cave where they could rest a few hours before morning.

When the small group woke up, they heard sleigh-bells. They came out of the cave to meet Father Christmas in a red robe bringing magnificent gifts! He also brought good news that the Queen’s evil magic was weakening as this was the first Christmas to happen in Narnia for a very long time. Father Christmas brought special gifts for each of the three children. To Peter he gave a shield engraved with a lion and a sword. He solemnly told him to use them wisely and well. Susan’s gift was a boy and arrows that would never miss and an ivory horn to summon help. To Lucy he gave a small bottle of juice from the fire-flowers to restore the life of a friend and a small dagger to defend herself. Then with a gift of hot tea with cups and saucers he shouts, “Merry Christmas! Long live the true King!” and the sled and reindeer are out of sight to deliver more gifts throughout the forest.

Meanwhile, Edmund is still in the Witch’s Castle and he is not having Christmas or Turkish Delight. He is having stale bread and being forced to get into the White Witch’s sled without even a coat to keep him warm. They are off to find his brother and sisters before they reach the Stone Table. Along the way, the Witch Queen discovers Father Christmas has come to Narnia and she is so angry that she turns all the friendly forest squirrels into stone statues. The farther they travel, the slower they were because with Spring the snow was melting and the sled was getting stuck in mud. The Queen was forced to abandon her sled and walk the remainder of the way towards her destiny. Of course, this only made her angrier for she saw even more signs of Spring such as flowers blooming, the sky getting bluer and bluer and the trees budding. The Wicked Witch knew that not only was Spring here, but so was Aslan.


4D. A Visit with the Professor: God’s Gifts
I am so glad to be with you today! I get so excited when I hear about Christmas and all special gifts that God has given to each of us! I get so excited when I hear children like yourselves using your special gifts! But I am getting a little ahead of myself. Let me back up.

Remember in our story how Father Christmas went about Narnia giving the animals as well as the three children special gifts? He seemed to know just exactly what each one would like and need! From food for the small wood animals to celebrate Spring to Peter’s shield and sword, Father Christmas gave just the right gift to just the right person.

For Christians, Father Christmas represents the Holy Spirit. After we become believers, each of us receives special gifts. In the Bible there are many references to these special gifts. Sometimes they are called spiritual gifts. These gifts include the gifts of healing, teaching, serving, encouraging, wisdom and knowledge to name just a few. You older children can use the concordance and look up some of the verses concerning these gifts.

Did you notice that in our story there was someone who did not receive any gifts? That’s right, Edmund did not receive any gifts at this time. Although he realizes that he was tricked by the wicked Queen and wished he had not gone to her castle, he has not given his heart to Aslan.

Now, if you look in your Travel Log, you will see a list of spiritual gifts. See if you can match them to the character that demonstrates that gift.


4E. Travel Log: You’re Gifted!
In our story today the children receive gifts that were not toys. They were tools and the children were expected to use them to help others. The Bible tells us of gifts we receive from our heavenly Father that we are also expected to use to help others. These are often called spiritual gifts. Below is a list of some of the spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible. Try to match them to the character in our story that demonstrates that gift.
Teaching                                  Lucy

Hospitality                               Mr. Beaver

Mercy                                       Peter

Leadership                              Mrs. Beaver

4F. Bible Memory Game: Gifts
  • An open gift-wrapped box for each team
  • A sheet of paper with the “Gift” snack items
  • Ingredients for snack: *Note: Be sure there are 6 ingredients to correspond to the 6 parts of the Bible verse
    • Cupcakes:
      • plain cupcakes
      • frosting
      • sprinkles
    • Cups of water:
      • cups (plastic or paper)
      • water in pitcher
    • Napkins
  • A paper of the Bible verse for each team
  • A snack table for each team
*Note: Color code each team’s Gift Box and Ingredients. This is done by putting each ingredient on a big piece of paper or cloth that match’s that teams’s Gift Box color. By doing this, each team will get the Bible verse parts to complete the relay.

Game Set-Up:

  • Prepare the Gift Box for each team and put high enough so the players cannot see in it, but can get a piece of paper out.
  • Cut the “Gift” sheet in the six designated parts and put them in the Gift Box.
  • Cut the Bible verse sheet in the six designated parts and tape one of the parts to each of the bottom of the snack ingredients. Place the ingredients in different locations around the room.
  • Put each team’s snack table behind the starting line, beside where they will line up.
  1. Divide the group of players in as many teams as it takes so that there are not more than six players on each team.
  2. On “GO” the first player on each team runs to their Gift Box, reaches in and grabs a piece of paper. He/She then finds the ingredient written on it, runs with it to his/her team’s snack table, and takes the Bible verse part off the bottom of it. He/She places the verse part on the snack table, then tags the next player on his/her team.
  3. The second player runs to the Gift Box, grabs his “Gift” paper, finds his/her ingredient, and runs to the snack table with it. He/She takes the Bible verse from the bottom of his/her ingredient AND PLACES IT IN THE CORRECT ORDER IN REFERENCE TO THE PART OF THE VERSE ALREADY THERE. He/She tags the next player in line.
  4. Repeat step #3 until everyone has had a turn and the entire Bible verse placed in order is on their snack table. The first team that has completed everything wins.
Side 1:                                                   Side 2:
“GIFT” Snack Item: Cupcakes              There are different

“GIFT” Snack Item: Frosting                  kinds of gifts,

“GIFT” Snack Item: Sprinkles                but the same Spirit.

“GIFT” Snack Item: Napkins                  There are different

“GIFT” Snack Item: Paper Cups            kinds of service,

“GIFT” Snack Item: Water                      but the same Lord. 1 Corinthians 12:4-5


4G. Discussion Questions

  1. Give an example of a spiritual gift of a man or woman in the Bible.
  2. How did that person use his or her spiritual gift for good?
  3. Identify your spiritual gift(s).