How are we worshipping together when we can’t meet?

Sunday Morning Live Stream
The bulletin, including sermon text, music, and prayers, will be posted every week in anticipation of Sunday worship. You can find it here.

Weekly Hymns
We NEED worship. It is food for the soul. On occasion I will upload a video with the story of one of my favorite hymns and me singing it. These will be short videos, devotional in nature, for worship and for encouragement. If you miss it live you can always watch later.

Occasional family hymn-sings
Starting today, Wednesday, March 25 at around 6:40 PM, join the whole Breakall family on Facebook live for a series of hymn-sings (depending on how it goes with our 3 energetic boys!). You can find the hymns we’ll be singing tonight here.

Supporting and hiring local musicians
The church has always been a primary support for music and musicians. In both the Old and New testament, and especially in the psalms, we are invited to worship God through singing and with instruments. To this end, the church has historically supported and even been the patron for instrumentalists and singers, and should do so now, more than ever, especially for those that rely on regular music jobs for income.
We will do this in 2 ways. A few musicians will be included in our Sunday Worship on livestream, and during the week we will be making recordings of songs written by Sycamore members using a variety of instrumentalists.