The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Review

Becky Boone   -  

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


Lesson 10 Outline:

A. Summarize Chapters 1-17
B. A Visit with the Professor: The Last Word
C. Interactive Activity: 3-In-A-Row


  • Create 3-In-A-Row Game Board:
    • White Paper with the Character Name Topics
  • Create X and O Pieces:
    • Colored Paper
  • Shaving Cream

Craft Idea: Shaving Cream Pictures


  1. Spray a pile of shaving cream directly on the table in front of each child.
  2. Using their hands, let them draw a picture about the story in the shaving cream.
  3. Option: Have your children work together to draw different parts of the story. Let them tell the group about their picture.


  • This is a fun way to review the story!

Parent’s Prayer:

“Dear Lord, thank You for the privilege of teaching my children! Part of me is sad for this to be our last day in this study. Yet part of me is happy to see how much they have grown in knowledge the last ten weeks. May You continue to guide their steps in the months and years to come as they grow as Christians.”


10B. A visit with the Professor:
The Last Word
My dear children! I have so enjoyed meeting with you these last few weeks! I pray that you have enjoyed our little talks together! Have you enjoyed your adventures in Narnia? I certainly hope you have and that you have learned much in our enchanted land!

To recap some of the more important things we have studied, you have learned much about the battle between good and evil. In our story The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, you learned about the true ruler of Narnia, Aslan, and how he sacrificed his life…not only for Edmund, but for all who have sinned. I also know you have learned much about forgiveness and how merciful Aslan was. More importantly you have learned that this fairy tale is about each of us as we discover what it means to be a Christian and how to overcome some of the struggles we face as new believers. This has been the story of our discovery of wonders of God’s world and the meaning of the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross for us.

As you continue on your Christian adventure, seek the wisdom of God as you make those important steps to adulthood. YOU are special in His eyes and are a rightful heir to the throne!

Now, enjoy the game that we have planned for you that will review some of the people, animals and places that you have come to know in your own adventures through the Wardrobe! May God continue to bless you!


10C. Interactive Activity:
3 In-A-Row
  • 3 In-A-Row Questions
  • Name sheets cut in half (1 name on each half)
  • Chairs (1 per child)
  • Paper tokens for X’s or O’s using colored paper
  • Board for tic-tac-toe game
  1. Create a “tic-tac-toe board” using white paper and write Character Names (Topics) in the spots
  2. Create tokens for teams using colored paper
  3. Divide into 2 teams (X’s & O’s)
  4. Kids must correctly answer for at least three different topics, in order to win…just like Tic-Tac-Toe; however, they cannot “claim the space” until they have answered the question correctly.
Topics for 3 In-A-Row

Lucy     Mr. Tumnus     White Witch

Old Professor     Aslan     Mr & Mrs. Beaver

Peter     Susan     Edmund

Questions For 3 In-A-Row

True or False
  1. Lucy was the youngest of the four children. (True)
  2. Lucy did not believe Edmund when he said he had been in Narnia. (False)
  3. Lucy cried when no one believed she had been to a land called Narnia through the wardrobe. (True)
  4. Lucy met Mr. Tumnus at the lamp post. (True)
  5. Lucy ate pie at Mr. Tumnus’ house. (False)
  6. Mr. Tumnus called Lucy “Daughter of Eve.” (True)
  7. Lucy’s gifts from Father Christmas were a horn & arrows. (False)
  8. Lucy was known for telling lies to her brothers and sister. (False)
  9. Lucy was afraid of Aslan. (False)
  10. Lucy and Susan followed Aslan to the Stone Table. (True)
  11. Lucy’s bottle of potion helped Edmund. (True)
  12. Lucy became Queen Lucy at Cair Paravel. (True)
Mr. Tumnus
  1. Mr. Tumnus was a beaver in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. (False)
  2. Mr. Tumnus took Lucy to his house. (True)
  3. Mr. Tumnus was supposed to trick any Sons of Adam or Daughters of Eve he met and bring them to the White Witch. (True)
  4. Mr. Tumnus served cake and hot chocolate to Lucy. (False)
  5. Mr. Tumnus warned Lucy about the White Witch. (True)
  6. Mr. Tumnus was brought to the castle of the White Witch when she found out he had met a Daughter of Eve. (True)
  7. Aslan turned Mr. Tumnus to stone when he found out he was friends with Lucy. (False)
  8. Mr. Tumnus was rescued when all of the statues were returned to life. (True)
White Witch
  1. The White Witch said she was Queen of Narnia. (True)
  2. The White Witch rode around Narnia in a sleigh pulled by 12 white horses. (False)
  3. The White Witch was happy to meet a Son of Adam. (False)
  4. The White Witch gave Edmund Turkish Delight. (True)
  5. The Turkish Delight the White Witch gave Edmund was magic and made him want more. (True)
  6. The White Witch told Edmund to bring his brother and sisters to the castle. (True)
  7. The White Witch was angry when she heard Aslan was in Narnia. (True)
  8. The White Witch used her magic whip to turn those she did not like into stone. (False)
  9. The White Witch asked Edmund to show her where the Stone Table was so she could meet Aslan. (False)
  10. The White Witch killed Aslan. (True)
  11. The White Witch attacked Peter’s army. (True)
  12. Peter killed the White Witch. (False)
Old Professor
  1. The children were sent by their parents to stay at the Professor’s house. (True)
  2. The Professor’s house was a little cottage in the mountains. (False)
  3. The Professor allowed the children to play in the house when it rained. (True)
  4. The Professor liked to play hide and seek with the children. (False)
  5. Susan, Edmund and Peter went to the Professor when the could not find Lucy. (False)
  6. The Professor asked Susan and Peter, “Who is more truthful…Lucy or Edmund?” (True)
  7. The Professor did not believe the children when they told him of their adventures in Narnia. (False)
  8. The Professor told the children there was no such place as Narnia. (False)
  9. The Professor told the children to never tell others what they told him about Narnia. (True)
  1. Aslan was the true King of Narnia. (True)
  2. Aslan was a lion. (True)
  3. Aslan was loved by all who lived in Narnia including the White Witch. (False)
  4. The children met Aslan at the lamp post. (False)
  5. Aslan knighted Peter – Sir Peter – for his bravery in battle. (True)
  6. Aslan told the White Witch he would take the place of Edmund when she wanted to kill him. (True)
  7. The White Witch killed Aslan. (True)
  8. Lucy and Edmund watched Aslan being bound, shaved, then killed at the Stone Table. (False)
  9. Mice chewed the ropes loose that held the body of Aslan. (True)
  10. Aslan “rose from the dead” and appeared to Susan and Lucy. (True)
  11. Aslan killed the White Witch. (True)
  12. Aslan made Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy kings and queens over Narnia. (True)
Mr. and Mrs. Beaver
  1. Lucy was introduced to Mr. Beaver by Mr. Tumnus (False)
  2. When Lucy retuned to Narnia with her brothers and sister, she again met Mr. Beaver who went with them to meet the White Witch, when she captured Mr. Tumnus. (False)
  3. Mr. Beaver told the children that Aslan was returning and he wanted to meet them at the Stone Table. (True)
  4. Mr. Beaver took the children to his house to meet Mrs. Beaver and to have some lunch. (True)
  5. Mr. Beaver told Peter, Susan and Lucy not to worry about Edmund…that he was save with the Queen of Narnia. (False)
  6. Mr. Beaver was a friend and loyal subject of the White Witch. (False)
  7. Mrs. Beaver packed some food for the children and the Beavers to eat as they traveled to the Stone Table. (True)
  8. Mr. Beaver was made a duke when the children became rulers over Narnia. (True)
  1. Peter was the oldest of the four children. (True)
  2. Peter was a mean boy who liked to pick on his younger brother and sisters. (False)
  3. Peter hid in the wardrobe when the children were playing hide and seek. (False)
  4. Peter did not believe Lucy when she told him she had been to Narnia. (True)
  5. Peter was mad at Edmund when he found out he had been to Narnia and lied to Susan and him. (True)
  6. Peter was given a sword and shield by Father Christmas. (True)
  7. Peter used his sword to kill the wolf. (True)
  8. Peter was knighted by the Queen of Narnia. (False)
  9. Peter killed the White Witch. (False)
  10. Aslan made Peter one of the kings of Narnia. (True)
  11. Peter told the Professor he went to Narnia. (True)
  12. Peter stayed in Narnia to tule when the others returned to the real world though the wardrobe. (False)
  1. Susan was the youngest of the four children. (False)
  2. Susan was “IT” when the children began playing hide and seek. (True)
  3. Susan discovered Lacy was missing. (False)
  4. Susan got her two brothers to hunt for her missing sister. (False)
  5. Susan wore a long fur coat from the wardrobe to keep her warm in Narnia. (True)
  6. Susan was given a small dagger by Father Christmas. (False)
  7. Susan used a horn to call for help when the wolf chased her up a tree. (True)
  8. Susan saw the White Witch call Aslan. (True)
  9. Susan helped fight the Witch’s army. (False)
  10. Susan was made a queen of Narnia. (True)
  11. Susan found the white stag that led them back to the lamp post. (False)
  12. Susan was told to tell everyone about her adventures in Narnia. (False)
  1. Edmund made fun of Lucy and about her supposed adventure to another country though the wardrobe. (True)
  2. Edmund followed Lucy into the wardrobe on her second visit there. (True)
  3. Edmund met Mr. Tumnus at the lamp post. (False)
  4. The White Witch was very happy to meet a “Son of Adam.” (False)
  5. The Turkish Delight made Edmund hungry for more. (True)
  6. Edmund told Peter and Susan that Lucy had told the truth about visiting a country called Narnia through the wardrobe. (False)
  7. Edmund tricked Peter, Susan and Lucy into visiting the White Witch. (False)
  8. Edmund was happy at the thought of meeting Aslan. (False)
  9. Edmund realized he had done wrong by listening to the White Witch. (True)
  10. The White Witch told Aslan that because Edmund was a traitor he belonged to her and that she had the right to kill him. (True)
  11. Aslan gave his life to the White Witch in order to save Edmund’s. (True)
  12. Because of his bad behavior, Edmund was not allowed to be one of the kings of Narnia. (False)