Family Easter Event

Becky Boone   -  
Hello Parents & Grandparents,

I’m sure like you, I have found many disappointments throughout these past few weeks. Canceled events, missing friends, not having enough patience with loved ones, feeling like I’m missing something all the time.

One of those disappointments is not having the Spring Fling and our other Easter-time activities. However, instead perhaps the silver lining is being able to provide a Resurrection experience we couldn’t do otherwise. Instead of just one afternoon, we can have five video lessons!

This year, we will be able to walk through the story of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection as it happened during the week. We will begin with the Triumphal Entry this Sunday, celebrate the Lord’s Supper on Thursday, then the crucifixion, resurrection, and appearances of Jesus in the order they occurred.


  • Sunday, April 5: Jesus’ Triumphal Entry
  • Thursday, April 9: The Last Supper
  • Friday, April 10: Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection
  • Sunday, April 12: The Emmaus Disciples
  • Monday, April 13: Jesus Appeared to the Disciples

I have attached the Activity Pages for all 5 days below. I would recommend printing them out and doing them before watching each video. I hope your kiddos can meet with me on these days for a sweet lesson! For Sunday’s these will be in lieu of the lessons I have sent the past two weeks.

I will be dropping these videos at 4:00 PM on YouTube and Facebook! Toddlers are welcome to watch, but they will probably be too antsy, so I will instead email you their lessons!

Pre-K Activity Pages

1st – 4th Activity Pages

5th Activity Pages

Palm Sunday
Although we all will be greatly missing the fellowship, Communion and children singing praises to the Lord in front of the congregation on this Sunday, it has been wonderful to see the many ways families can still make this Sunday special.

One great way for children to still be able to participate is having make their own palm branches. Here are a few options:

For the Sunday morning service, we will sing Hosanna, Loud Hosanna. When it is time, have your children wave their branches high in the air, praising Jesus — King of Kings! It would be so sweet to take photos/videos of your family and share them on the Sycamore Kids Ministry Page on Facebook! Let’s share photos, so your children can see their friends waving their branches too, afterwards!