I Look to Christ

Songwriters: Michael Breakall, Leah Moebs

Copyright 2021 Michael Breakall and Leah Moebs



When I say that I don’t need you;
I’ll do things my own way,
Then be the lantern to my feet
and guide my steps each day.
And when I boast of what I’ve done
and pride leads to a fall,
Then pick me up to stand in Christ:
He is my All in All

When a glance would make me faithless,
And my heart, torn in two.
Open my eyes to see your gifts
and view each one anew.
When worldly goods ensnare my soul
and idols take your place,
Then make my heart desire you,
And cover me with grace.

So every time I doubt and fail
I look to Christ alone,
Who bore for me your righteous wrath,
And for my sins atoned.

When I’m wronged by those around me;
When my patience is thin,
Then help me see them through your eyes
and let forgiveness win.
For when I sin it breaks your heart,
Oh help me, Lord, to see
‘twas also I who pierced your side
and nailed you to that tree.