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Operations Manager

Position Purpose: The Operations Manager works under the direction of the Lead Pastor to execute the Session’s Vision & Values for Sycamore in developing systems, initiating projects, and creating and maintaining an infrastructure to further the Ministry Staff’s goals. This role will build teams, implement ministry plans, and help equip the congregation. The Operations Manager makes sure priorities are achieved!

Position Qualifications: Minimum of 5-years’ experience in operational leadership. Experience in church operations and a bachelor’s degree are preferred. 



  • Lead and develop all operations staff in conjunction with the Personnel committee (Administrative staff, Sexton, Communications Coordinator, etc.). 
  • Coordinate volunteer-led activities of Sunday morning worship. (Ushers, sound booth, slides, servers). Coordinate other aspects of Sunday morning worship (Planning Center, IT/AV/technology), as well as church events, midweek ministries, and other duties as assigned.
  • Along with other staff, implement a comprehensive strategy for assimilating repeat visitors into the life of Sycamore. 
  • Oversee all church financial systems, including coordinating with the joint elder/deacon Finance Team for the annual FY budget process. 

Ministry Support

  • In partnership with staff, coordinate volunteer recruitment and scheduling for weekly needs and special events. (Ushers, FIT Team, Nursery, etc.)
  • Support Ministry staff in event planning and execution.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain efficient operational infrastructure to enable effective ministry execution (e.g., project management, website/social media, internal/external communications, building technology/security).

Diaconate Support

  • Under Diaconate supervision, support Diaconate in writing, submitting, and championing capital improvement proposals. 
  • Be the primary staff contact for the Diaconate’s building & grounds maintenance and improvement plan. 
  • Ensure implementation and maintenance of the Diaconate’s safety and security efforts. 
  • Under Diaconate supervision, support the Diaconate in all aspects of Facility Use agreements.  
  •  In conjunction with the Sexton and office administration, provide on-site facilitation of third-party contractors performing work on the building and grounds, as directed by the Diaconate.                                        
  • Present monthly report to Diaconate and Session.

Key Relationships:

  • Report to Lead Pastor
  • Work collaboratively with the Lead Pastor, Session, and Diaconate striving together for unity toward the vision of the church. 
  • Assist Lead Pastor directly, as needed. 
  • Collaborate with other ministry staff and leaders.
  • Integrate well with church staff; attend staff meetings and other staff functions.
  • Regular, visible participation in broad congregational life.                                                              

Competencies and Expectations:    

  1. Relationship with Jesus Christ evidenced by action, attitude, and character.
  2. Ability to fully embrace the vision, values, and culture of Sycamore Presbyterian Church. 
  3. Proven track record of operational competency as an analytical problem-solver.
  4. Basic accounting knowledge.
  5. Reliable, trustworthy, and self-starter who follows through on details.
  6. Able to embrace innovation, creativity, and to make changes quickly.
  7. Wise and discerning using appropriate judgment, discretion, sensitivity, and confidentiality.
  8. Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to maintain healthy relationships.
  9. Experience in coordinating facility use, maintenance, and customer/member management.
  10. Ideal candidate will have experience in recruiting and coordinating volunteers.
  11. Ability to pass background check/drug test.

Send resume to: [email protected]

JD VI.3 12-13-22

Assistant Pastor for Youth (Ordained) or Director of Youth Ministry (Non-Ordained)

Purpose: To direct our Youth Ministries from middle school through high school. Lead and shepherd students  that they might grow up to be committed to Christ and His Word. A small amount of position involves  continued ministry to college-age students.  

Educational Requirements: College Bachelor’s degree required. M.Div. or intent to pursue M.Div. is  preferred.  

Experience Requirement: Demonstrated Youth Ministry Experience 

Personal Requirements: Deep experiential relationship with Jesus, evident love for MS & HS youth,  biblically reformed world and life view subscribing to Westminster Standards, humble energy, teachable, wise,  church-minded team player, takes ownership, discipler, solid communicator, responsible, called to lifetime of  ministry. 

Leadership Requirements: This ministry involves leading and intentionally discipling a team including year round youth staff, college-age summer interns, volunteers and parents. 

Ministry Overview: The Youth Pastor/ Director will, along with year-round staff: 

  • Lead our Middle School & High School Youth Ministries 
  • Collaborate with parents of youth & volunteers to shepherd students in their spiritual journey  Minister to college-age student members with support of Lead Pastor. 
  • Minister to HS and MS youth’s parents in support of the Youth Ministry. 
  • Devote a majority of time to the ministry of our HS, MS, with lessor time with College Age. Of this  time, around 45% should be devoted to HS, 45% devoted to MS, and 10% devoted to College.  Percentages may flex seasonally. 
  • Steward a fresh vision and strategy of youth ministry in collaboration with the Lead Pastor. 

Specific Responsibilities: 

  • Prayer and Ministry of the Word 
  • Develop 1 on 1 discipleship & accountability relationships with students. 
  • Maintain ministry contact with students outside church activities and programmed events, including  attending students’ home and school activities. 
  • Implement a structured plan for leading, mentoring, and training assistants and summer interns.  Build and maintain a fellowship where every student can belong, including those with special needs,  different ethnic backgrounds, and different educational environments. 
  • Recruit and train volunteers 
  • Create and implement curriculum, ministry activities and events 
  • Lead a robust teaching ministry, including Sunday School and large group meetings. 
  • Bible study and discipleship groups, 1 on 1 intentional discipleship, book reading groups,  retreats, and other community building opportunities. 
  • Lead annual summer mission trips and other local service initiatives.  
  • Include 3-4 nights of activities in an average week.  
  • Oversee regular communication to parents and volunteers. 
  • Collaborate with Lead Pastor in counseling families with youth. 
  • Lead youth by example to engage with the whole Church, including but not limited to  • Assisting in Sunday morning worship. 
  • Participating in church life beyond the youth group, modeling love for the church to our youth. Develop servant attitudes in students to participate in missions, care teams, and service events.  

Key Relationships: 

  • Called by the Session and day-to-day reporting to Lead Pastor. 
  • Work collaboratively with the Lead Pastor and Session striving together for unity toward the  vision of the church.  
  • Assist Lead Pastor directly as appropriately needed.  
  • Assist Lead Pastor in leading weekly worship and presiding duties. Preach as needed   (4-6 times/ year) in support of Lead Pastor’s preaching calendar. 
  • Lead and develop youth staff. 
  • Attend session meetings and prepare monthly session reports.  
  • Collaborate with other ministry directors.  
  • Integrate well with church staff, attend staff meetings and other staff functions. Regular visible participation in broad congregational life.  

To Apply 

  1. Prayerfully investigate Sycamore at
  2. Provide a cover letter introducing yourself, a resume, and parts I, III, & IV of the PCA Ministerial Data Form.  Although this isn’t an ordination-required position, we believe the MDF will be a helpful tool in this process. If not ordained, where the MDF asks for pastoral strengths and weaknesses please substitute ministerial strengths and weaknesses, etc.  

(MDF located here: ). 3. Email all as a single pdf file to: j[email protected]

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