Overwhelming Wonder

Songwriters: Michael Breakall, Leah Moebs

Copyright 2018 Michael Breakall and Leah Moebs



1. That angel light would shine in poorest shepherd’s eyes;
That God who clothed in light in few poor rags should lie;
That He who bids the rain fall so all on Earth may eat,
As prisoner in this world, should from a mother need:

2. That God so high and vast, as slave so low, should come
From starry thunderous throne to manger vile as home;
That He who made the sunlight through clouds should see it peek;
That He who parts the sea should be a child and weep:

O, let our overwhelming wonder be!
And, let us never ending praises bring
To Him, whose weakness has become our strength.
O, let our overwhelming wonder be.

3. That He who made the fire should fear a chilly day;
From heaven’s highest courts should keep a home of clay;
That He, like us, be tempted, and know our griefs and fears;
That Free Eternity submit to bounded years: