The Word of the Lord

Songwriters: Michael Breakall, Leah Moebs

Copyright 2018 Michael Breakall and Leah Moebs



The grass will wither, the flowers will fade,
But the word of God forever remains.
The Earth and Heavens will yet pass away,
But the word of the Lord is here to stay.

In God, whose word I desire and praise—
In God I trust and will not be afraid.

Put on God’s armor, his word is our sword.
With this in our grasp, stand strong in the Lord.
Though friends may fail us and foes will assail
The kingdom of God shall yet prevail.

The word is active, the word is alive.
It pierces our souls, discerns our desires.
The Word dwells with us, his glory we see.
He came from above to set us free.

Lead Sheet:

Key of D