Come, Christians, Raise Your Voices

Copyright 2018 Michael Breakall and Leah Moebs


(1.) Come, Christians, raise your voices,
In thanks to Jesus Christ.
For God, the Son incarnate
Has come to give us life.
Come those who feel His goodness,
And those who cry, “How long?”
He gives, who never changes,
A new salvation song.

(2.) This Christ, though King of Heaven
Came down the Earth to save.
Not as a victor with a sword,
But as a helpless babe.
He rode upon a donkey
In lowliness and peace.
He bore God’s wrath upon the cross
So sin and death may cease.

Hosanna! O save us, Lord.
Hosanna! Through Christ salvation comes.

(3.) This act of grace so freely giv’n
Continues even now.
God saves us from our former ways;
Our wills, to his, we bow.
His Spirit works within us
So we may die to sin
And live unto his righteousness,
The image of his Son.

(4.) Come, Christians, raise your voices,
Our God, he is not done.
He will come back to earth again
To claim his church as one.
Christ will return in glory,
As savior, judge, and King;
Behold, he’ll ride a gleaming horse,
O let hosannas ring!

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