Sarah Maddox

Communications Coordinator

I grew up in a small town called Mebane, North Carolina (pronounced Meh-bin not Me-bane.) In 2016, I graduated from a charter high school located in a renovated textile mill in Saxapahaw (good luck pronouncing that.) It was there that I got my love for all things outdoorsy and “crunchy.” I received a degree in Communication Studies from Lynchburg College where I fell in love with Virginia and my husband. After graduating from college, my husband, Evan and I got married in his hometown of Midlothian, VA with a little front-yard wedding during the height of Covid.

Evan grew up and was baptized in Sycamore. I began attending Sycamore as a visitor in 2017 while Evan and I were dating. Beginning in 2019, Evan served in youth ministry here for almost 4 years. In August of 2020, I followed suit and joined the staff as the Communications Coordinator after a short stint at a Richmond-based marketing agency.

I am so thankful for such a wonderful church family, and for the opportunity to use my practical gifts in communications to connect attenders with information about what is happening at Sycamore. If you ever want something to appear in the newsletter, you need an event sign up page, or other advertising for a ministry event, I’m your girl!

Some of my favorite things to do in the area include trying out new restaurants, going on walks in nature, playing board/card games, visiting coffee shops, and attending Richmond Kickers games. My favorite hot drink is a latte with oat milk, sweetened with maple syrup. I have a passion for clean/healthy living, and I love spending my weekends with my family out in our yard in Brandermill.

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