Sean Sawyers

Lead Pastor

I grew up in Wyoming where I came to love the mountainous outdoors, especially cross country skiing and hiking. Right before high school, we moved to Memphis, and I learned to appreciate air conditioning and barbecue! It was also there that I encountered Jesus and placed my faith and trust in him as the resurrected Lord. Anticipating a future in ministry, I attended Baylor University where I met my wife, Nikki, and discerned that God was calling me to be a pastor. I later graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary, and went on to serve churches in Colorado, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, and even planted a church in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. Nikki and I have five children and two dogs, and we are overjoyed to live in Midlothian, serving the Sycamore community. 

We love exploring the numerous restaurants in our area, walking around the Mines, catching a sunset over Westchester Commons, or enjoying a dip in the Charter Colony pool. While I’m always grateful for a cup of plain coffee, my favorite hot drink is a steaming cup of Yorkshire Gold tea with cream and a hint of honey— especially when curling up to re-read some Tolkien! When I have extra time, I like to read, tinker, get out in nature, or throw a ball around.

Being the Lead Pastor at Sycamore is a privilege because I get invited into the most significant moments of people’s lives: I greet newborns, pray for the sick, usher out the dying, comfort the grieving, unite lovers, and befriend the lonely. Most of all, it is a joy to study God’s Word, see the beauty of Christ on every page, and then publicly brag on Jesus every Sunday morning. 

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