Sunday School

To deepen our understanding of Scripture and our love for God through thoughtful and engaging studies of His word.

Classes for adults start at 10:00 AM every Sunday morning.

There are a variety of themes taught throughout the year including Biblical Foundations, Theological Foundations and Gospel Application.

Learning to Love the Psalms - Room 3

The Book of Psalms is one of the greatest treasures the Lord has given to His people. Through these sacred poems, God has given us a rich songbook and a divinely inspired guide for our prayers. In this teaching series, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey provides an overview of the Psalms with the specific goal of learning to love them through a study of their themes, structure, and beauty.

Led by Brian Kaman and Chris Gramm

Parenting - Room 25

There are two things to be said about parenting: One is, that few things in life rise to the level of importance as being chosen by God, as His instrument, to be part of the forming of the soul of a child. The second, is that parenting is hard. The hope of this class is to look at the purpose of parenting, our calling as parents, and the fuel for our journey as parents.

Led by Peter Martin, Trevor Roberts and Marty Cates

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